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At Gleam Point, we showcase a vast range of wedding-related businesses


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Searching for a specific service

We made it simple to find service providers, you can use the hero search bar on our home page followed by the location where you need it and category. On the second page you can filter by category if you do not find the search by your search words.

Cancellation of a booking

If a customer or service provider cancels a booking, the customer will be fully refunded without any cancellation fee whereas for a service provider, a cancellation fee may be charged unless or otherwise strong reasons are being offered.

Bookings and Inquiries

At Gleam Point we offer two types of forms, Bookings and Inquiry form. Requesting a booking will request the service provider to accept the booking, at this point the booking has not been confirmed until the service provider confirms your request. If service provider declines the booking a refund will be sent back to you.

Paying for a booking

Once you selected the service you wish, click request booking and this will take you to a payment gate way where you can select the payment method you prefer.

How to claim a listing

Request ownership of a Business Profile

With the claim listings feature, listing owners can “Claim” their listings and let the site visitors know the listing has been verified by admin and store owner. Listing owners can claim their listings by submitting an integrate form using the Claim Now! link on the listing they would like to claim.

Ownership verification

Your claim will be sent for review. Once your claim has been reviewed and we confirm that this is your business an email will be sent to you asking that you pay the claim fee.

Verification process completed

Once payment has been made the claim status will change to verified, your role will be changed to listing author and the listing will receive a claimed badge.


Support Questions

Getting Started
How to add a listing

Go to your dashboard, top right corner choose a "tariff plan" and subscribe to a subscription to enable creating business listings.

What if I can’t find the main category when I creating a listing?

Don’t worry, you can contact us here and we might just add the category in no time

Will I be charged to add a listing

Yes, we charge a reasonable fee that has been designed to cater for SME, the fee we charge helps us to market and drive traffic to our site and exposing your business to your target audience (customers). 

Will my listings expire

Yes, but listings expire based on the listing package you selected. Once a listing has expired it will not be visible in our website unless you renew it.

Will I receive a notification before listing expiry?

Yes, but we notify you by email (5) five days before your listing expires.

Can I deactivate/delete a listing?

You can delete a listing but you cannot deactivate it. Don't forget to honor or cancel bookings made by customers. This will help avoid negative reviews about you or your business.

How to I accept or reject a reservation?

Go to your dashboard, on the left panel look for "bookings” here you can accept or reject a job request.

When I accept the booking does this mean the job/reservation is set to go?

When you accept the job/reservation, this means that you agreed on what you have said on your listing post. you will receive an email confirming the job details including the time, date, place (according to your listing or agreement).

When will the payment be release?

Payment withdrawals may be maybe requested at anytime during our office hours from Monday to Friday between 8 am to 4 pm, payment will be transferred to your preferred bank account and funds may take up to 2 days to reflects in your account

Can customers leave reviews

Definitely yes, customers can leave you a review at any time after the job is finished. Or customers can leave you a review if you have canceled the booking. Actually I our aim is to have every customers leave a review about a business service, as this may help you as a service provider to go above and beyond the call of duty.

What is Instant booking and General Inquiry?

Instant booking is when your are prepared to take any reservation. While general inquiry does not allow the customer to pay until you are satisfied with the reservation request.

Users have search by radius, do providers have this feature as well?

Users can search provider within a maximum 50km radius from the user location. There for providers must also accept to work within 50km radius this is true if you are a business that needs to go to user location.

What is the commission rate?

We currently charge a 15% commission on every preloved druses sold through our website.

Are there any other hidden fee’s?

On our side no, but pexi may charge you a small fee to deliver your preloved dress, quickly and safe.

Where do I add my payout settings?

Go to wallet tab, on the far right corner – (Set Payout Method). insert your full bank details.

Do I get charged if my customer cancels the booking?

No you do not get charged

Do I get charged to cancel my accepted bookings?

We will not charge you for cancelling a reservation if its done in a acceptable manner, the customer should be notified within 48 hours before commencing a job. Besides that, a 20% fee will be charged to short notice cancellations. Please note that customer(s) can still add a review to your profile

Can I contact support for questions and concerns?

Yes you can contact us here at anytime, and we will be glad to respond to your inquiry during our business hours, Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4 pm.

How do I reset my password?

You can reset password by going to my “account” then “my profile” “change password”.

If I forgot my password, how do I reset it?

Simply logout or if you are logged out already, go to “sign-in” and click forget password then follow the prompts.

Can I edit my listings after publishing?

Yes you can edit after publishing

How do I know if someone is licensed to perform the job?

The best way to know if someone is licensed is to sight the licence itself. We recommend doing this before the commencement of the job, by asking the service provider a photo proof.

Safety tip

Gleam Point is a reputation based on an open marketplace. If you ever feel uncomfortable with any listing at any time, please contact us here or use the report a listing on the listing page

Service provider is asking to cancel for a cash payment?

Accepting cash outside our platform is voiding our terms and conditions of use and this may turn to a termination of your account. Often cash payment sounds unbelievably good, it’s likely bad.

Can I leave a review if my service provider cancels on me?

Yes you can

How or when can I leave a review?

Go to your dashboard then “my bookings” select which booking you want to leave a review for, this will take you to the listing page. Scroll all the way down and leave you review. You may leave a review any date after the booking date


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